Ready to upgrade and add more Pinterest functionality with iPin Pro?
The steps may also work for other themes.


  1. Backup your database just in case
  2. Activate iPin Pro theme and go through the installation instructions
  3. Skip this step if you have set Featured Images for your posts in previous theme. Otherwise automatically set the Featured Images using the free Auto Post Thumbnail plugin.
  4. Download the upgrade script (requires login) and upload to the ipinpro theme directory (/wp-content/themes/ipinpro/)
  5. Run the script at

Special Notes

  • WordPress Multisite mode must be disabled
  • Post with multiple categories: in iPin Pro, a post is assigned to a board, and the board is in turn assigned to a single category, like what does. So the upgrade script will use the first category name to create the board. The other categories are dropped. For example, if a post has 3 categories: Humour/Kid/Video, a Humour board will be created and the post will be assgined to the Humour board. The Kid and Video categories are dropped.

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