Multiple Upload Plugin for iPin Pro theme

For every photo uploaded thru WordPress media uploader, the original Automatic Featured Image Posts plugin creates a new post and set the featured image. I’ve modified the plugin so that it will also assign a board to the newly created post for iPin Pro theme. Useful for uploading multiple photos from your computer.

Note that this only work for the admin with user ID 1. And you must deactivate this plugin when done batch uploading. Otherwise there will be double posting when adding pins (only user ID 1, other users are not affected). Tested on WP3.5.1.


Download Plugin (Free for iPin Pro theme users. Requires login.)


How can I allow other users to upload multiple photos?
Unfortunately there’s no easy way as this plugin has a site wide effect of double posting for other users. If you need to temporarily allow another user to do multiple uploading, you can modify the plugin. In automatic-featured-image-posts.php, replace the user id in

if (current_user_can('administrator') || $current_user->ID == 1)


if ($current_user->ID != 1)


$parent_board_id = get_user_meta(1, '_Board Parent ID', true);


echo '- Only works for User ID: 1<br />';

Then you and the other user will need to coordinate with each other

  1. You go to WP-Admin > Users > All Users > Change the Role for the other user to Editor (if other user is not already an editor)
  2. Other user go to WP-Admin > Settings > Auto Image Posts > Select the Default Board
  3. Other user go to WP-Admin > Media > Add New > Upload his photos
  4. When other user is done, ask him not to upload any photo until you deactivate the plugin
  5. You deactivate the plugin and change back his role in step 1 if necessary

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