These settings works well for me. Feel free to tweak and adapt for your own OnewNews site.

Under Advanced Tab

Select the following options:
– Cache hits to this website for quick access.
– Use mod_rewrite to serve cache files.
– Don’t cache pages for known users.
– Cache rebuild. Serve a supercache file to anonymous users while a new file is being generated.
– Extra homepage checks. (Very occasionally stops homepage caching)

Expiry Time & Garbage Collection
– Cache Timeout: 1800
– Scheduler: Timer: 600

Under Preload Tab

– Refresh preloaded cache files every 30 minutes
– Preload all posts
– Select Preload mode (garbage collection only on legacy cache files.)


WP Super Cache Preload strangely does not “preload” the homepage. Only the single posts and pages are preloaded. So we have to setup cPanel cron to hit our homepage manually. Why 0,1 & 30,31? It seems to take 2 hits for supercache to properly preload and clear garbage.

  1. Login to your webhost cPanel at
  2. Select the “Cron jobs” icon
  3. For the first job, enter
    • Minute: 0,1,30,31
    • The rest: *
    • Command: wget -q -O –
  4. For the second job, enter
    • Minute: 2,32
    • The rest: *
    • Command: wget -q -O –

Note 1: Some webhost disables the wget command. Check with your webhost.
Note 2: WP Super Cache only serves the preloaded supercached pages to unknown users, meaning you need to logout of WordPress to see them.

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