Themes inspired and created by WordPress theme authors, based on their favorite desktop applications and websites. Comment away if you know any look-alike themes that’s not in the list.

Free WP Themes Clone Clone vs iBlog

CNN Clone


Coda Clone

Coda vs WP CODA

Digg Clone

Digg vs Digg-like

Digg Clone

Digg vs Max Magazine

Facebook Clone

Facebook vs CryBook

Facebook Clone

Facebook vs Facebook WordPress

Gmail Clone

Gmail vs Gmail WordPress

Google Chrome Clone

Google Chrome vs Google Chrome WP

Google Search Engine Clone

Google Search Engine vs Woogle

Mac OS X Clone

Mac OS X vs Leopard Mac

Mac OS X Clone

Mac OS X vs Tigerpress

Mac OS X Clone

Mac OS X vs iTheme

Mac OS Clone

Mac OS vs Retro MscOS

Msn Clone

Msn Messenger vs Msnlog

Tumblr Clone

Tumblr vs Tumblelog

Twitter Clone

Twitter vs Fresh Tweet

Windows Vista Clone

Win Vista vs Themedvista

Windows Aero Clone

Win Aero vs Aerodrome

WP Dashboard Clone

WP Dashboard vs WP DashboardLike

Gawker Lifehacker Clone

Gawker Lifehacker vs HackerWP

Wordpress Pinterest Clone

Pinterest vs iPin

Premium WP Themes Clone

Popurls/Alltop Clone

Alltop/Popurls vs OneNews Clone vs iBlogPro

Kineda Clone

BBC vs TheBeeb

CNN Clone

CNN vs The Gazette Edition

GameSpot Clone

GameSpot vs GameMaker

Kineda Clone

Kineda vs Celebrity Gossip

New York Times Clone

New York Times vs New Yorker

Win Aero Clone

Win Aero vs Aeros Clone vs Shade Pro

Wordpress Pinterest Clone

Pinterest vs iPin Pro

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