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Premium themes are popping up everywhere so I thought I will join in the party too. With a little twist. Along with the Premiium theme, I will release a “free trial” version. You can download and install the free trial version on your blog. If you like it, you can keep it. If you want more features, you can upgrade to the premium theme for $20 only. So what’s the difference between the two versions?
Premium version is now free for download!

Key Features of Technoholic

  • 2 or 3 columns flexible layout
  • 3 columns bottom bar
  • Widgets ready – easily arrange sidebar and bottom bar
  • Threaded & paged comments ready for WP 2.7
  • Gravatar ready
  • Print.css – for uncluttered printing
  • Multiple color scheme – choose between grey, green, blue, magenta
  • Page templates for archives and links page
  • Theme options admin panel
    – Manage banner ads
    – Change logo
    – Change color scheme
    – Change 2/3 column layout
    – Show/hide bottom bar

  • SEO ready (Search Engine Optimized)
  • Works on WordPress v2.1 and above
  • Tested on IE6/7, Firefox, Opera, Safari
  • XHTML & CSS Validated


Version 1.1

  • Bugfix: XHTML validation in comments.php

Version 1.2

  • Flexible width for top menu tabs
  • Added image and caption css class for WP 2.6

Version 1.3

  • Threaded & paged comments ready for WP 2.7
  • Separate pingbacks/trackbacks removed

Version 1.4

  • Added WP2.8 functions: body_class() and automatic_feed_links()

Version 1.5

  • Support Custom Menu in WP 3.0


This theme is released under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license, hence please leave the footer links intact.


TechnoHolic Demo


Name: TechnoHolic Theme
Type: Zip File
Size: 207.2 kB
Downloads: 3,029
[Download Now]


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