Raman commented on the post “Linkbacks from High PR Blogs”, saying that the blog compiling the list was suspended by WordPress.com. A year ago, doing a review in exchange for a linkback was the rage. Until the google smackdown in July/August. So that list is probably redundant now.

The “in” thing to get free linkbacks now is posting comments on high PR blogs, preferably with dofollow. So here are some complied lists (dofollow not guaranteed):

Update: even more lists at “Make Money Online By Blog Commenting

While you can be lazy and post thank-you-i-love-your-blog one liner type comment, it is recommended that your comments be relevant to the blog post. Less the author delete your half-hearted attempt.

It can get pretty tedious after a while: visit blog, verify dofollow, post comment. Rinse and repeat. And these compiled list may not be up-to-date. Here’s where Fast Blog Finder can help us to reduce the load. Watch this video to see it in action.

There are two editions available:

  • Fast Blog Finder Free Edition
    – freeware, requires registration
    – search results limited to 50 blogs for each keyword phrase
  • Fast Blog Finder Gold Edition
    – commercial, $49
    – get 25% discount at SoftwareHolic

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