USB Thumbdrive
Running WOS (Webserver On Stick) Portable on my thumbdrive is so cool!! Why didn’t I discover it earlier?! It would have saved me lots of headache synchronizing my files between office and home. Sometimes I forget to copy some files from office and can’t get anything done at home. Now I can store all my applications and run them any and everywhere. No more excuses reasons for missing the deadline. Wait boss.. what if I forget my thumbdrive :)

Apache/MYSQL/PHP are nicely configured and integrated. No more editing configuration files to make them work together. There’s also PHPMyAdmin, ImageMagick, Drupal, Joomla and of course WordPress (v2.1.2 though). Even permalink works. Gotta love it!!

The only downside is my home PC is still on dinosaur USB1.1 standard. While it’s not exactly crawling, there’s still a noticeable lag. I need a new PC!!

[Found via T2]

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