Pleasantly surprised to find Genki YouTube Comments among the 3 plugins to be featured on the latest podcast Episode 24: WordPress 2.2 and the Search for New Co-hosts.

Text transcript with Charles Stricklin [host] and Aaron Brazell [guest host].

Aaron: The third plugin we have today, Genki YouTube Comments and I insisted on taking this plugin because Charles cannot pronounce genki [1] (Charles chuckles in background). This is a plugin that, Genki YouTube Comments is particularly for those people who produce a lot of videos for YouTube and they sort of have their own following on YouTube and post their video on their blog but because everybody is over at YouTube end up getting all the comments on the video over at YouTube. That’s just a pain. You want to produce the stuff so you could actually have the comments and the activity on your blog, not on YouTube. Lord knows that they got enough traffic already they don’t need anymore.. hehe.. This doesn’t actually take the traffic from YouTube, but what it does is it will inject, so to speak, the comments from YouTube into your blog for that video. This is obviously gonna work primarily only actually for.. if it’s your video, because if you using the YouTube API, it’s gonna use your username and password. It’s gonna check if it’s your video [2]. If it is, it grab those comments and insert them as comments on your blog as well. And it does this on a schedule. So you can set it up for hourly, daily or weekly if you are using WP 2.1 or 2.2. So that definitely looks like something for anybody out there who does any amount of work on YouTube. This looks like something that could really benefit you.

Charles: But this is all dynamic, it only shows whatever were the last 10 comment from the moment that you are viewing your blog.

Aaron: That’s why it runs on a schedule right? [3] That’s what I believe. I’ve not run this so I dun know. Of course I don’t do a whole lot of work on YouTube either. Next time I post a video on YouTube, I’m gonna check this out. Of course if listeners out there have used it, we love to hear what you think about this plugin and tells us if it works the way it’s supposed to, what kind of experience you had.

My feedback on some points:
[1] Yes, Aaron got the pronunciation right 😉
[2] Actually you need not to be the owner. Works for all YouTube videos.
[3] Yes, that’s right. Options include hourly, daily, weekly or manually.

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