With the release of WordPress 2.2, it’s time to do a round of check with my plugins and themes. Always have mixed feelings when a new version of WordPress is released. Happy to see new features incorporated while dread to see my plugins/themes breaks. Luckily I was spared the headache this round :)

With the tags feature delayed till next version, there’s only minor changes to the themes functions. Hence most of my themes should work in WP2.2

Summary of changes in the WordPress Default Theme

  • multiple files
    Function blogininfo(‘home’) is now replaced by bloginfo(url’).
    But both function still works.
  • header.php
    New function blogininfo(‘text_direction’) (for arabic language support?)
  • comments.php
    minor changes here and there to the .alt comment class for xhtml/css validation

All plugins tested ok. Only a minor bug in Genki Announcement where the link to widgets is unavailable since Widgets is now integrated with WP2.2. However, it should not affect any functionality.

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