You post a video to YouTube and on your blog. Dozens of comments poured in on YouTube while your blog receives big fat ZERO comments. Hardly surprising as YouTube have got millions of users. So this is where this plugin comes in. It will grab comments from YouTube and insert them into your post. Your blog will appear more lively and a small SEO benefit: keyword stuffing :)

One limitation though, YouTube api only shows the last 25 comments, hence older comments cannot be retrieved.


  • grab youtube video comments and insert into your blog post
  • schedule hourly, daily, weekly
  • manual update

Genki Youtube Options Panel


1. Upload as a folder and activate plugin
2. Go to Admin Panel > Settings > YouTube Comments
3. Set schedule or update manually


1. Go to Admin Panel > Posts, find the post which you want the comments to be inserted.
2. Go to the Custom Fields section and add “youtubevidid” as key.
3. For value, add your YouTube video id e.g X2BEhk1fqZ
4. If more than 1 video, simply add more keys: youtubevidid1, youtubevidid2 and so on

Genki Youtube Custom Fields

Comment Example

Genki Youtube Comment Screenshot


Version 1.1

  • play nice with new youtube API

Version 1.2

  • disable error/warnings (to continue fetching comments in event of an error)

Version 1.3

Version 1.4

  • Remove hidden characters in youtube data (which is casuing duplicate comments) (not foolproof but should greatly reduce duplicate comments)

Version 2.0

  • New method to prevent duplicate comments (if upgrading from version 1.x, this may result in duplicate comments (grab by 1.x version) during the first run. Treat this version as a brand new plugin with no relation to the previous plugin)
  • Display recently inserted comments log
  • Remove [] text
  • Option to skip comment marked as spam on Youtube


This plugin is released under the Creative Commons GNU GPL.


Name: Genki YouTube Comments
Type: Zip File
Size: 20.6 kB
Downloads: 3,804
[Download Now]

Tips & Tricks

The plugin is grabbing spam from YouTube. I deleted it from my blog but the plugin keeps fetching them. How can I to stop it?
The best way is to delete the spam on youtube. Otherwise you can “Unapprove” or set the comment status to pending for that spam comment on your blog.

Unapprove Comment

No comments were fetched when I click “Update Comments Now” since day 1.
PHP directive “allow_url_fopen” or Curl extension must be enabled to fetch comments. Please check with you host on enabling either one of them.

No comments were fetched when I click “Update Comments Now”. It was working fine before.
If you have many videos and many comments, your server may timeout while fetching the comments. You may want to remove the “youtubevidid” custom field from older posts or posts with no new comments coming in, to cut down the no. of comments to fetch. Or ask your host to increase the server timeout / upgrade your server.

Need Help?

Much as I want to provide free support, there are only 24 hours a day.
So if you need a chunk of my time, I’m available for hire.

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