Always forget to insert your signature or maybe a category image? Or need a place to store your code where you can conveniently copy and paste into your post? This is what this plugin is for – a handy reminder list on your Post Admin page. Go through the list before confidently pressing the Publish button. Now you only need to remind yourself to read the Reminder list :)


  • display below Posts Admin textarea or sidebar
  • paste html or php code snippets


Options Panel
Genki Pre-Publish Reminder Options Panel

Reminder List on Post Sidebar
Reminder List on Post Sidebar


1. Upload and activate plugin
2. Go to Admin Panel > Options > Pre-Publish Reminder.
3. Choose where to display list (sidebar or textarea)
4. Enter your reminder list.


Version 1.1

  • Option to set border and background color
  • Use of <code></code> tag to control display of unformatted html/php code snippets
  • Preview of list on same page

Version 1.2

  • Move to a folder structure
  • Reminder List shows up in correct places for WP v2.5
  • PHP code no longer works

Version 1.3

  • Added php support in reminder list
  • Minor interface adjustment

Version 1.4

  • Fix layout issue when display below Posts Admin textarea

Version 1.4.1

  • UI Update


This plugin is released under the Creative Commons GNU GPL.


Name: Genki Pre-Publish Reminder
Type: Zip File
Size: 37.6 kB
Downloads: 4,690
[Download Now]

Need Help?

Much as I want to provide free support, there are only 24 hours a day.
So if you need a chunk of my time, I’m available for hire.

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