I had always wanted to try my hands at writing a WordPress plugin but with the vast variety of plugins available, there appears to be little need for yet another plugin developer. Until I saw the list of wanted plugins by Lorelle. I decided to pick on the easiest plugin – Blog Status Announcement or Alert.

Feature List

  • easily switch on and off through Admin Options
  • display message without editing theme files (above 1st post or through widget)
  • display different message to different roles/users


Genki Announcement WordPress Plugin


1. Upload plugin folder and activate plugin
2. Go to Admin Panel > Settings > Genki Announcement to configure settings

Announcement Status
– Show above first post (requires the_post() function in theme, most themes should have this)
– Show in Widget
– Show where I insert the <?php genki_announcement ?> template function (requires editing of theme)

– Single message for all roles/users
– Different message for different roles/users (enter message into respective field)

Date to switch on & off announcement
– Format = YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm e.g 2007-08-18 13:59
– Leave blank to turn off announcement manually


Version 1.1

  • Display above first post
  • Display using widget
  • Timer to switch off
  • Display different message to different roles/users
  • Remove css styling using .genki_announce class

Version 1.2

  • Option to set border and background color of frame
  • Preview of announcement message
  • timer to switch on announcement (only in WP 2.1 and above)
  • Gettext-able by Masayan
  • Japanese translation by Masayan

Version 1.3

  • tinymce added
  • Turkish translation by Baris Unver
  • French translation by Marie
  • display announcement only once when using the option “Show above first post”. announcement may still show up in the wrong place but should increase the chance of this option working.

Version 1.4

  • tinymce removed
  • Fix: Different Message for Different Users/Roles feature

Version 1.4.1

  • UI Update


This plugin is released under the Creative Commons GNU GPL.


Name: Genki Announcement
Type: Zip File
Size: 18.3 kB
Downloads: 12,502
[Download Now]

Tips & Tricks

How to style the announcement box with CSS
You can use the CSS class .genki-announcement

When I use the “Show Above First Post” option, the announcement appear in more than 1 place. How can I fix it?
When using this option, the announcement will show whenever The_Loop is called. One example is the Recent Posts widget. No solution for this yet. You can workaround this by using the “Show Where I insert the < ?php genki_announcement ?>..” and manually insert the function into your theme.

I’m using the plugin in WPMU where security concerns are paramaount. I do not want my users to post javascript in the announcement box. How can I disable javascript?
In line 60, look for


and replace with

apply_filters('comment_text', stripslashes(get_option('genki_announcement_msgsubscribers')))

Repeat for line 61-72, taking note the slight difference in genki_announcement_xxxxxx.

Need Help?

Much as I want to provide free support, there are only 24 hours a day.
So if you need a chunk of my time, I’m available for hire.

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